Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going least from Blogland

So, the moving van will be screeching to a halt in front of my house the day after tomorrow. I can almost smell the end of this whole ordeal. I am really going to Louisiana after all! Can you believe it?

The last few days, I have spent an unbelievable amount of time sorting, and washing, and cleaning, throwing away, and donating. I totally forgot just how much stuff I had. I really don't need all this stuff. So, the rule of thumb was....The second my hands touched something, I asked myself "Self, do you love this?" and if I didn't totally LOVE the item, I got rid of it. I cannot believe the amount of stuff that I have collected over the course of the 4 years that I have been here. Stuff that I really didn't love. *sigh* God isn't finished with me yet. I am too sentimental about things...I would probably keep a pile of doggie doodle, if it had any sentimental value to me at all.

But the whole family has gotten into the spirit of getting rid of stuff. The girls have gone through their toys and donated 2 garbage bags full of toys to Salvation Army. Lets not even begin to talk about the amount of clothing that has left this house, destined for bargain racks. The baby, well, she had no choice in the matter...all of the stuff that she didn't use anymore like her swing, bouncy seat, countless bags of clothes, well they all went to my new favorite cause, Lifeline Pregnancy Center. The ladies from the center, I wish you all could have seen their faces when I opened my trunk and it was FULL to overflowing with gently used gifts for pregnant women and their soon-to-be-born precious little babies. I loved that warm fuzzy feeling when I got when I closed the van trunk again, it was empty... and all I got in return (besides my warm fuzzy feeling) was a tiny slip of paper that said "Lifeline Pregnancy Center thanks you for your donation." Such a freeing feeling.

Well, with all that being said, I won't be blogging for a little while. I promise you that I will be very busy the next few weeks. Packing, searching for a place to live, unpacking, finding a new church, new friends, enrolling The Oldest in a new school, getting The Middle acquainted with a new homeschool group, and finding my way around our new town. I will keep yall posted when I can. Wish us luck. Pray for us.

I will see yall on the other side.


Princess Of Pink said...

Be careful, enjoy the move and come back when you can.

Love and hugs to all from Marian

Anna said...

I will miss you way too much.

You need to give me your cell number so I can call you for my Jenny fix.


Hilary said...

Praying for you all!


Beth Johnson said...

Praying all goes well and you land in just the right house, school, church and group of friends.

I wouild always tell myself when we were in the military, that I had a friend waiting for me in the next city, she just didn't know it!

See you when you return,

Jess said...

Good luck on your move!
Looking forward to many wonderful posts and pictures from La!

*** Kelly Maria said...

Oh my!!... will be praying for you!!
I wanted to stop by and let you know that I think you are just a GREAT person, and enjoy your blog ever so much!! So when you have a moment after the move, and start to settle in, etc.. Come by my blog I have an award for you there!!
Praying for you all!!
Kelly Maria

Ali said...

I spent almost three years in Louisiana, and I loved everyday! Many prayers.