Sunday, December 28, 2008

In search of God...or at least where He resides.....

Actually, I should just title this post "I'm homeless without a church." Because that is what I feel like.

Personally, I feel like finding a good church to attend is the HARDEST thing about moving. Really it is. When we left NC, I felt like I was tearing up the lifelines that I had spent years trying to build. And most of those lifelines were found through the church. And now, here we are in LA, no friends, no family, no church. Just each other. And as much as I do love my dear little husband and's gonna get a little old if I don't find a church to call home soon.

The easiest church transition I ever made, was the year I left for college. First Assembly of God Church in Alexandria, VA was the church that I called home those many years ago. As I was packing up for school, my youth pastor called around for me and found out where the local AG church was and arranged a ride for me my very first Sunday. Done. I had a church family to take care of me. I also remember going to some sort of church mixer type function the first weekend of classes, and all of the leaders of the local churches came and introduced themselves and talked about their church to all of the incoming freshman. It almost felt like they were auditioning for us. When the mixer was over and you had made your decision about which church to attend, you hopped on their bus and went there. It was so simple.

Oh how I wish it was that simple now.

Oh no, it's not that easy. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Does it have a men's ministry? The worship music, is it contemporary or traditional? Ladies group? Community outreaches? What about the children? Do I trust the adults that teach the children's church with my little ones? My can I leave her in the hands of a perfect stranger in the nursery? What are the people the congregation mostly young people? Or a good mix of different age groups? And probably those big nagging question that weigh on me the hardest....Will they like me? Will they decide that I am not worth their time when they find out that we are in the military and will be moving on in 2 years? Will they allow me to find a place among them and be a part of their ministry?

We tried churches the last two weeks and just a few minutes into the service, we just knew that it wasn't the right fit for our family. In a random God moment (at least I think it was a God moment) a lady that was working the window at the local coffee shop asked me if I was by chance looking for a church. Of course we are! She suggested a place, and that is just where we went today. It seemed like a nice place with friendly people....but we didn't get to hear the pastor speak, as he was out of town. *sigh* And the kids in the church....I think it was 80% boys. The Big Apple was one of only 3 girls in the children's church of at least 25 kids. *double sigh* Where were the little girls that my girls could be friends with?

I am not ready to give up yet. Pressing in. There is a place for us somewhere. I just wish I knew where it was already.


Anna said...

Hmm... I would go back to that one to hear the pastor speak. I have a good feeling about it. ;)

Don't worry so much about the lack of girls thing, she only needs really one or two really good girl friends and those may be there! AND some of The Boy's best friends have been girls. Sometimes it just works out well! He still says that his best friend is this little girl that we were stationed with in OK.

I would at least give that church a second try. Who knows that the coffee shop angel is trying to give you a message? :)

hip chick said...

Like, Anna, I have a good feeling about the one you didn't get to hear the pastor speak at. I almost commented that yesterday. Perhaps there are more girls who just were not there when you were. Often church attendance drops during the busy holiday season. If not, it may not be such a bad thing for your girls to be around some boys. Where they don't have any brothers this may be a chance for them to get used to "icky" boys.

Princess Of Pink said...

Yes, give it a second and maybe a third chance. Boys can be good friends too you know, lol.

When our pastor is away we too get visiting ones. Sometimes they are even better (don't tell my pastor, lol) than him but often they are not as good. But it is just a once in a while thing. So who knows the real pastor might be a great one!!

backporchdweller said...

Hang in there my friend. God will show you the right place to be and if you ask me, the "God moment" is a pretty good starting point! :)

Princess Of Pink said...

Jenny, I have NO idea where I got that pretty picture from, lol. It is a beauty though, isn't it!!

Ellen said...

I would agree, too...give that last church another chance. Sounds like it could be the one.