Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope that you all have fond memories of the day....I for one want to remember it for always.

I don't think that the pleasure of opening a gift or smelling the pretty flowers are going to be my most memorable events of the day. No, what I will be remembering most about this year will be my husband gearing the kids up to go shopping today.

Around 9 AM, he came up with this brilliant idea that he wanted to give each girl a dollar and take them to the dollar store and let them pick out something for me. He told his plan to the kids....they decided that no, they had to spend the dollar on what they wanted for THEMSELVES. *sigh* I thought for sure I had taught them about giving by now.

By 10 AM, he finally had them fed breakfast. I would have helped some, but I was getting just too much satisfaction watching my husband attempt to do what I do every single day. First, he served the cereal...accept he didn't know that my second born does not eat raisins. So he ended up eating her bowl and making her a bagel.

Then it was time to get dressed. After sending them into their room 3 or 4 times, the girls finally emerged wearing clothes that almost matched, and an exhausted Daddy. I just giggled. Especially with the first born wearing her orange socks with the pink crocs. You see, I don't give them choices on what to wear, I just hand them what they will be wearing and tell them the family motto. "You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit!" My husband must have forgotten that motto. Then they had to brush hair and teeth. Ever seen a grown man try to do hair clips in a little girl's hair? It is a beautiful sight to behold :) The hairdos were, um......rather interesting. But hey, he tried.

It's almost noon now and they are finally about ready to go. Now since we live 40 minutes from anything that even remotely looks like shopping, he needs to pack water bottles (don't ever be caught anywhere in NC in the summer without a water bottle!), snacks, toys for the car ride, fill the coffee thermos, etc. He's lucky he doesn't have to take the baby, he'd have a diaper bag to fill too. So while he is preparing, the girls have stripped off their clothes and put on bathing suits. Just for fun. Then they start complaining that they are hungry for lunch.

He struggled. I chuckled. He finally managed to get them redressed, reshoed, and out the door.

I put my feet up and enjoyed a nice leisurely afternoon. Thank you, darling.

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