Monday, May 12, 2008

Ewwww...look what came off my kitchen floor!!!!

Today, I sent my husband off to the store to buy some vinegar to scrub my floors with. He came home with this. Okay, I thought...looks like a Pinesol bottle, but better for the environment.
Give it a shot.

We hands and knees scrubbed the floor. Then when we dried it with towels, you wouldn't believe what came up off the floor. It was nasty. See for yourself....

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Liz said...

So what are you saying? Apparently, it did not clean your floor. Does vinegar do a better job?

Liz (OkieLiz)

applesofgold said...

I had been using vinegar and water before! And this stuff is what got the gunk off the floor that the vinegar did not. I really like how this stuff smells too.