Friday, May 16, 2008

Funny story of the day.....

I took the baby to the doctor's office today for her 2 month well baby checkup. I had several concerns about the wee one (what mama isn't concerned about SOMETHING!) to address. One of them being her extreme fussiness and her spiting up so much. My other 2 girls never cried as much, nor did they spit up the fountains of milk that this little one does.

The doctor came in and immediately wanted to hold her. Why wouldn't he? She's pretty darn adorable! I warned him that he would really need the burp cloth, but he declined. I did my best to warn him. Ah well, he asked for it! He was just holding her and I was telling him all about her fussing and crying and puking.....and all the while he was gently bouncing her, and trying to get her to smile. MUHAHAHAHA

The baby let out a tremendous belch, followed by a huge gush of spit up. All over the doctor.

I congratulated him, the baby had taken yet another victim.

He thanked me, looked down at his shirt and remarked, "Well, I was going to write you a prescription for reflux, but she has spit up all over my prescription pad."

I suppose it might have been her own little way of getting back at that mean doctor in advance for the shots she got later. Fair trade, I think.

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