Monday, February 4, 2008

Pregnancy and Craziness

Things I love about being pregnant:
  • food cravings (this time around I can't seem to eat enough soup, or grapefruit!)
  • feeling the baby moving
  • folding little itty bitty baby clothes (over and over and over again!)
  • nesting
  • the general idea that the family is expanding
  • getting to skip ahead in line when waiting to use a public rest room
  • long beautiful fingernails, and really thick hair (Oh man, I love prenatal vitamins!)
  • pregnancy libido (no comment necessary here! )
  • people telling my how great I look (even if they are lying!)
  • shopping for baby stuff. This time, used items are the way to go! Online yardsales are the best!
  • picking out names
  • ultrasounds
  • heartbeats
  • watching the lumps that move around, and trying to figure out which lump is a hand, a foot, a knee, an elbow or a little tushy
  • Knowing that God is the only one responsible for the human life that is growing inside of me. He chose me...of all people, to care for one of His most precious creations.
Things that I miss horribly while being pregnant:
  • sleeping comfortably (notice I didn't say 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep...because I know what's coming soon!)
  • my belly button
  • Endless cups of coffee (I used to drink about 8 cups of coffee, somehow I have managed to cut back to about one or two cups a day!)
  • An occasional glass of wine
  • comfortable activities with my husband
  • normal clothes
  • hot hot baths (you know the kind...where you try to melt your skin off. This aren't allowed for fear that you will cook your baby :( )
  • playing comfortably on the floor with my other children
  • my poor little girls have no place to sit when I read to them!
  • breathing deeply
  • sleeping on my stomach
Things that I WILL NOT miss about being pregnant:
  • stretch marks (I wonder if I should post a picture of what my stomach looks like!)
  • maternity clothes (especially this time....they did away with full paneled pants, and now it's just a half panel! I can't keep any of my pants from falling down! And the shirts!!!! They are too short to cover anything the size of a grapefruit, much less the size of a woman carrying something the size of a watermelon!)
  • oh-so-sexy support stockings!
  • heartburn
  • these stinking leg cramps I've been getting at night
  • people telling me that I'm huge! For crying out loud...never tell a preggo woman that she is huge or compare her to other people that are pregnant. She already knows she looks huge.
  • depleted energy (what do you mean I have to make the bed! I'd rather just stay in it all day long and read a book)
  • going to the bathroom 50 bazillion times a day.
  • contractions, contractions, contractions! Whoever invented Braxton Hicks contractions (and said that they don't hurt!) was obviously a man....these contractions really do hurt!
  • Fatal attempts at doing housework, especially when it requires bending and lifting!
  • People asking if I'm expecting twins
  • People asking if I know what I'm having yet (I'm having a baby! A baby human! It's not a puppy or an elephant, I swear!)

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qwerty said...

How about the one where people touch your belly. That is just weird. I would never walk up to a stranger and touch their big roll of fat . Would you? It is still their belly, on their body. Am I right or just over thinking again.