Saturday, February 9, 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

In the spirit of my "attitudes" post from a little while back, I am having my first test. I received an email from my husband at work yesterday with a copy of our new orders on it. We are moving, and we finally know where. We are moving to the land of crawdads and Mardi Gras. We are going to Louisiana! This move was expected, but the location is FAR from anywhere that our family wanted to move to. But upon opening the email and seeing the orders, and with my immediate disappointment came the realization.....there is nothing that I can change now about our situation except my attitude.

SOOOOOOO.....we do not have to travel halfway around the world with a new infant, Hooray! I am still within driving distance of family members! Hooray! We are not sending my husband to Alaska on an unaccompanied tour. Hooray! The location where we will be moving to will be warm and we won't be freezing our posteriors off 9 months out of the year. Hooray! Our unit will be smaller, and and that means a lot in terms of friendships. Hooray! This move will not really be that bad at all now, will it? Sure, we will be uprooting (again), but I guess that's the nature of the military life. It's a fresh start in a new home with new friends and family and church and local every couple of years. I chose this life, in a way.

How does that Monte Python song go? Always Look on the Bright Side of Life See? I can do this!

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