Sunday, September 19, 2010

I was told to update my blog....

It was a really great summer. great, I never bothered to blog much about it.

The other day, my friend Stephenie asked if I was still blogging. Um...yeah...I guess I am. Today, I am.

I haven't updated in forever. The summer kindof got away with us, and then school started. And by the end of the school day, there just isn't much left of me that I feel like sharing with the world. (Because the WHOLE WORLD is reading MY blog, right? What's that you say? It's not? Oh...well, then....I guess I'd better update for all 2 or 3 of you that do check my blog then. )

At this point, I'm not even sure HOW to update you all on our busy lives.

Perhaps a picture or a few to highlight the rest of our summer? Will that do?
We went to the spray park a lot this summer. The library was offering free passes for every 500 minutes read, and The Apple Dumplin's all thought this offer was too good to pass up. So we read. Alot. We were blessed to have my Geeya and nephew, The Cannon visit for a while this summer. Having them meant very busy days and fun nights!

After their visit, the girls and I high tailed it to Florida for some fun. Unfortunately, our adventures in Florida were filled with bad luck.....which involved jumping into a swimming pool with a brand new iphone in a pocket, trying to dry out said iphone, replacing said iphone, and never getting remotely close to another body of water for the remainder of the trip. Don't ask me how one goes to Florida in the heat of summer and NOT get wet. But we did. Oh...and at the end of our Florida adventure, the Little Apple had to go the the ER for an incident that involved a high velocity swing, The Big Apple, and a concrete floor. Thankfully enough, The Little Apple was fine, following a very costly CT scan, and now has a small dent on the other side of her head, matching the first one. (we might as well just make the poor girl wear a football helmet until she reaches puberty!)

My dad came back with us from Florida to stay for a week. Our luck changed. The girls had the chance to make some very special memories with their Peepaw. This particular picture was taken on a walk at the Bell Towers.
We took Peepaw with us up to Baton Rouge for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was gorgeous, as usual. The Little Apple, I think, was the most she sat perfectly still while the balloons inflated. "Balla-Moot!" (balloon!) she kept yelling and pointing!
This festival will probably always be one of my favorite things we ever did here in Louisiana.

Stay tuned.....I will blog another time about our first days of school!


cajunsis said...

Great update! I had no idea about the cell phone and little apple. I am glad she is ok. Missed seeing your blog. Glad you are back!

Oddvei said...

here is one Norwegian that has been waiting for your blogupdates.
Misses the aple dumplings.

Jensamom23 said...

So glad to see that you are back. I adore the photo of your girls walking with their grandpa. Loveley!