Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 219th Birthday, Coast Guard!

Did you kiss a Coastie today? I did. It's the Coast Guard's birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than a PAR-TAY!!!! And party we did. There was way too much food. But not nearly enough cold drinks to quench the thirst from the (did I hear that correctly?) 103 degree heat.

My favorite Coastie got asked to be on a volleyball team....he's so cute when he's playing isn't he? I love my hot, sweaty, coastie hubby.
There was facepainting....who can resist a cuddly pair of tigers?
There was much bouncing with friends and losing of flip flops.
There was a boat available to tour and Coasties galore to answer your questions.

There was a rock climbing wall. And The Big Apple actually made the 40 lbs. weight requirement this time so she decided to give it a try.
This is about as high as she got....before she claimed that she was afraid of heights. Did I mention she sleeps in a bunk bed?
I was asked if I wanted to give the wall a try. Sure, why not?!?!? I was told that I was the only wife/mom that climbed that day. But you do have to admit...I totally rock the helmet.
Mind you, I haven't touched a climbing wall since a month or two after The Big Apple was born. Then, I got pregnant AGAIN....and wasn't able to climb . I made it a little more than halfway up before sweaty fingers made the handholds impossible. Yeah, that kid next to me in the picture climbed higher than I did. But you don't need to rub it in.
And I swear, I did NOT post that last picture because I have lost more the 20 lbs, and I am totally loving the size of of my rear end in this picture. I would never ever do something like that. Really.

It was such a fun day....we had a blast. Plus, it was a nice reward to The Apple Dumplin's for such hard work in homeschool again.


Melyssa said...

Thanks for sharing! Your family is so awesome. Your tigers are awesome and you do rock the helmet!! Congrats on that 20lbs! I think I found what you lost.. ha ha.

I wish I was closer to for a chance to just come hang out. Please thank your Coastie on my behalf.

Hilary said...

You look terrific!!! And your little tigers are so cute.

I've lost a little more than 10 lbs and I am loving loving loving it. :-)