Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby...Missing In Action

"Mama, can I take my baby outside for a walk?" the Big Apple asks innocently.

"Sure honey...just stay between the stop sign and the mail box." I replied absentmindly.

I heard her open the front door and roll her baby doll stroller outside and slam the door closed.

A few moments passed, and I realized that the house was quiet. Too quiet. That always means something or that someone is up to no good. I got up from computer and went to account for all of my little monkey children. The Middle Apple was watching a show in my bed. I knew the Big Apple was out walking her baby doll in the stroller. Then I quickly figured out that one monkey was missing. The Little Apple was missing, and she wasn't in all her usual hiding places.

I found her.

Somehow, the Big Apple had managed to load the Baby Apple in her babydoll stroller and gotten out the front door with her.
The Little Apple was loving every single minute of it. The baby doll stroller, on the otherhand, was struggling under the weight of that little monkey.The Big Apple is going to grow up and be a terrific mommy some day.

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Hilary said...

Aw! Totally cute. :-)