Sunday, July 12, 2009

We inturrupt this Summer to bring you.....

Water Damage. And all the hassle that goes with it.

And I mean hassle. A lot of it. I don't remember praying for patience, but I am getting my goodly dose of it now.

When I mean water damage, I don't mean like these new friends of ours. I regret to even post about my measly event that is practicing my faith building techniques.

Before our trip to Florida a few weeks ago, the AC unit, which is cleverly (NOT!) located in the attic, began leaking water into the bathroom. It destroyed some of the ceiling tiles. Which wasn't really a big deal...the AC guy came, supposedly fixed the issue, and went along his merry way. That same night, the water began leaking in worse...destroying even more tiles, and causing the ceiling to droop.
And mold. Did I mention mold? Ewwww. My wonderful husband, in the midst of repeatedly phoning the AC repair guy and the landlady took matters into his own hands and climbed up into the attic and made a temporary fix himself. I stress the word temporary here, because the AC guy was supposed to come back and redo the thing while the girls and I were in Florida. Oh yea, and the landlady said the bathroom would get fixed too. They didn't. humph.

Fast forward 2 weeks...The girls and I return from Florida, we get all unpacked, when I notice a strange smell coming from the Little Apples bedroom. Smelled just like a wet diaper had been left somewhere. I tore apart her room looking for the source.

And that is is where our little sage went from bad to worse. The water from the AC unit had now started seeping back into the house under the carpet in The Little Apple's bedroom. And it smelled funky....ruined the padding, the carpet, and damaged the stuff around it. I am very thankful for my good friend Stephenie, who came and helped clear out the room, otherwise more of Elise's things could have been ruined. This is the contents of her bedroom and closet, now conveniently located in the dining room. Nice. We were fortunate that only the legs of the little chest that my late grandmother painted got wet, and the rockers of my mother's rocking chair, that my dad got for her on their honeymoon, took some water.
A lovely view of the wet carpet, minus the wet padding that I tore out, that had to be spread out out on on the floor for several days, waiting for the insurance adjuster to come, then more waiting for the carpet replacing person to come. I really wanted the carpet to hit the curb the first day, just to get the funky wet diaper smell out, but I guess that just wasn't meant to be.
Yesterday, The Little Apple got new carpet in her room. You cannot begin to understand my happiness about this, as The Little Apple, does not care to sleep anywhere but her own crib. This week, we have had all sorts of living arrangements for her, in attempts for her to be comfortable sleeping....none of them a winning situation. She would cry and cry, eventually collapsing and sleeping more out of sheer exhaustion than peaceful sleep.
So last night, after much debate about mold and paint, etc...we decided that it was safe enough to put the Little Apple back in her own room. She lay down in her crib at 6:30, and went to sleep without a peep. She's still sleeping this morning as I type, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Oh yea, I have to add this, because I am just soooooooo proud of myself. See that white thing on the floor of the picture? That's a broken closet door. It's been broken since we moved in. The carpet installer guy tried to fix it, my husband had tried to fix it, the landlady's husband had tried as well. Yesterday, I fixed it myself with some toothpicks and gorilla glue (love that stuff!) and then I hung the door myself. HA!

But now, onto part 2 of the water damage sage....getting the bathroom fixed. Did I mention that this house only has one shower? This should be fun.

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