Sunday, July 12, 2009

Also of Blog-worthyness....

My husband made me promise to post this photo. So I will.
But only because he asked so nicely.

Among my many perfected talents, you may add left-handed mouse clicking to the list. I am right handed.

You see, when you have been nursing a baby for 15 months, there are certain things that you have plenty of time to work on. Like how to eat a messy sandwich one-handed. Or how to pick up the tv remote with your toes. I have even learned how to wash my face and apply make up while nursing. And now, I have perfected the art of left handed mouse clicking. You see, if you perch the mouse pad on the side of the recliner, the baby's feet can't reach it. And if you drape the cord between your toes, just in case those crazy legs do in fact kick your mouse, you can still have access to it before it hits the floor. For some reason, this amazes my husband.

I'm glad that I can still dazzle him.

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