Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rainy Louisiana Afternoon....

It's raining. Again.Like it does almost every afternoon here in Louisiana.

But nobody here really noticed.
We all had our noses buried in a book.

What are you all reading this summer?

PS.... Those that can't read.....are busy writing.


Linda said...

How cute! :)

We were under the rain spell for the past month - it was like good-old-fashioned Florida weather, except we're here in east-central Illinois. Every day brought sunshine, temps in the upper 90's and an afternoon or evening Thunderstorm and drenching. Thankfully, that weather pattern has past now and we're enjoying some of the most beautiful weather we've had in months - sunshine and cooler temps.

Sadly, I don't have a summer reading list. I used to always read, love to - but since I started writing so much, I haven't been reading as much.

cajunsis said...

Our kids loved reading books and usually fell asleep with them over their noses. Summers were always special - we went to summer reading programs and read the time away. Very entertaining even driving across country. Makes a rainy day go away, too.