Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby School

For the most part, we love homeschool. But educating the kids has gotten increasingly more difficult since The Little Apple has started moving around. And when I saw The Middle Apple and The Big Apple now do most of their schoolwork in the early morning while baby is still sleeping (we are blessed with a baby that likes to sleep in until around 9 AM) and while she is working on her breakfast. We usually continue with our math lessons later on during the day when The Little Apple goes down for a nap. This system is working out very well for us.

But then of course, no system is flawless. There are many days when we have to rethink the whole day and work around what we have going on.

So we now have what the older Apples call Baby School. Baby school usually means that I come up with something very cool to keep the baby occupied while the older 2 finish up with what they have for the day. The Little Apple has spent plenty of time in Baby School scribbling with markers, plinking bingo chips into a coffee can, stacking small wooden blocks, watching Baby Einstein videos, and the like. This week, the very cool project was STICKERS!
She loves them. She calls them "Tick-Cars" She surprised one of her therapists last week by working with stickers for almost 30 minutes. I had to take a picture of her doing her schoolwork, she was so sweet. We have this beautiful piece of artwork hanging on the fridge right now, where all great works of art should be hung.

I guess it's never too early to start homeschooling. I can't wait to start teaching her about The Revolutionary War with her sisters!


Cajunrose said...

What's even better is that she tried to put that paper on the fridge herself! That was so sweet!

hip chick said...

I can hardly believe how big she has gotten. It sounds like you are keeping all those little apples nice and busy.

applesofgold said...

That was pretty cute that she tried to put the paper on the fridge herself. She was like "Hey, mom! THIS is GREAT artwork here, I know where this needs to go!"