Friday, October 9, 2009


The time has come for me to blog about the Apple's latest obsession....Soccer.

When we lived back in NC, The Big Apple repeatedly asked if she could be on a soccer team...and not really knowing how to go about doing that in the booming town (note the sarcasm) of Holly Hole, I mean Holly Ridge, soccer just wasn't meant to be. So, now that we are here, The Apples have their chance at soccer. And I am now one of those moms.....a soccer mom.

I had originally requested that both girls be signed on the same team, and was devastated to learn that I was going to be doing double duty of toting 2 kids to different practices and games. But after being in the routine, having them on 2 different teams was really the best choice for the both of them.

Let's start with The Middle Apple.

Soccer for 6 year olds is definitely interesting....I think it's more of a comedy act for the parents. The kids run around in little packs and attempt to put the ball in the goal. Check out my lil' apple trying to find her way in that pack....

I have to tell you about The Middle Apple's coach. The woman is a saint. She has more patience with The Middle than I have seen from someone in a long time. Usually by the time that practice rolls around at 5:45 during the day, my patience has been stretched and spent and I am just about done. Elizabeth never ceases to amaze me with her kindness towards my girl who has problems listening. But then again, all of the girls have problems listening, and soccer practice looks a whole lot like trying to herd kittens. In this picture, Elizabeth stopped to give The Middle Apple special instruction on which goal to try to get the ball into. Because heaven knows, she usually doesn't know which way the ball should be going.
I suppose Elizabeth also should have instructed her on where NOT to put your feet while hanging out around the goal. Because this is what happened to her.
Yes, she got tangled in the net and unable to free herself. And while other soccer mommies ran to her rescue, I went trotting across the field yelling "Wait! Wait! I need a picture!" *click* "I am soooooo going to post that on my blog! Ha!" To which The Middle Apple responded, "Am I going to be trapped here forever?"

This next picture is The Middle Apple's favorite part of the game. It's never too early to teach good sportsmanship, and I love it!
Now let's move onto The Big Apple. I have to mention here, that The Big Apple is just not by any means an athlete. She'd rather play with her dolls. And have her dolls come watch her play at her games. I'm okay with that.

She also believes that soccer is all about looking cute in your uniform....oh wait, that's what I believe. So, um.....I did the soccer mom thing and got some help making bows for everyone on both teams. Cute eh? We take them out for the games, but I have seen our soccer bows all over town on non-soccer game days, so I know the girls love them.
Here is Coach Seth. The Big Apple thinks he hung the moon. He is really great with the girls and makes all of the practices fun. With the U8 team that Izzy is playing with, the kids actually play different positions. The Big Apple's favorite position is Defender.
She's a pretty darn good defender too, if I do say so myself. The coach just tells her not to let the ball in her box, and she's all over it. She takes her soccer really seriously.
So far, we are having a great soccer season. Wet and muddy...but none the less, a great season.


Scooter said...

Great post, and awesome pictures! My Little would definitely have gotten tangled in the net, too LOL. And what a blessing to have great coaches teaching the joy of the game.

cajunsis said...

Love the post and loved the game. Your gals are so cute playing soccer. Them being on different teams lets them develop their own identity - it might drive you crazy, but it is good for them. Love the pictures :-)

Hilary said...

Hee hee! I loved your post. Very funny. :-)