Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is?

Yes, I know I broke all kinds of grammatical rules in my title, but its something we used to say all the time as kids. It's spring here, and it has come full force. I am desperately going to have to dig into all those boxes in the garage and find my summer stuff that I had packed away while the house was on the market.

My wonderful husband, looking all hot and sexy with his power tools, built the girls and I a raised garden in the backyard, and we had a nice time starting our garden.

Here, The Big Apple is planting her very own cherry tomato plant. She asked if she could have one just for her, because she eats SOOOOO MANY of them. So, she got her own Sweet 100, and she'll probably eat off of that one, and the one right next to her too.

The Middle Apple, who really isn't interested in vegetables at all unless they are covered in cheese, seems to have adopted our little patch of dirt for her very own. She has named some of the plants, Sarah, of course, because Sarah is the name of every baby doll and polly pocket that she owns. Although, she has named one marigold plant Mary Gold. This makes me smile...this is The Middle Apples early attempts at humor. I love it.

I have to wonder if the Middle Apple will actually taste some of the food that she has worked so hard at growing. She is the daughter that has been diligently going out to water the plants every day, to the point that they may drown. She has been taking lawn clippings and mulching them into the garden bed as well. She may have a green thumb before the summer is over!
Did I ever mention how much I love living in the south? It's still snowing in MN, and a friend of mine just had pictures of herself made standing in the middle of frozen Lake Superior! I love the warmth and the sunshine here. Happy Spring everyone!


jamiely78 said...

How funny, my Bella names all of her dolls, puppies, etc Sarah also.

The garden looks great.

hip chick said...

Well it's not snowing here but we still have plenty of it left in the front yard. Your yard looks so pretty and green.

astzt1027 said...

I can't wait for spring to fully arrive. The bulbs I took from my Grandma's house after she died are starting to come up. These are the same bulbs that she took from her mother's yard when she died. So, I will be looking at over 50 years of love in those three bulbs.

Linda Chapman said...

Hello!! I just found your blog when I googled the spring has sprung quote as I was doing a blog post! I used to have this saying on a plaque and wondered where it originated.

I am your newest follower!