Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have a new favorite flower.

I was at the hardware store a week ago, and I found these really pretty Gerber Daisies on clearance for 50 cents each. They looked pitiful, like they hadn't been watered in forever, and there were no blooms on them at all. I had never purchased Gerber Daisies before...I have always thought of them as sort of a.....Snooty Flower. Hard to take care of. But for 50 cents, how can you go wrong?

So I bought 4 of them. I bought a bag of dirt, and a couple of plastic pots. I didn't think that they would do anything, because they looked so horrible. But I had to see what a little TLC would do. This morning, this is my surprise! Lovely blossoms!

Aren't they pretty?

I had to cut some and put them in this bowl as my centerpiece. I like little floating centerpieces. So, now Gerber Daisies are no longer "Snooty" They can join my garden anyday!

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Scooter said...

If I were to ask God for a gift that I don't have, it would be the ability to see potential in a half-dead plant and the skills to bring out the beauty there. I don't have that gift ... so I admire it all the more in people who do. Well done ~ they are gorgeous!!

Martha said...

I have gerbera daisies in my flower beds and love them. They are perennials so will come back every year. That is another plus...your .50 cents plants will be back next year. I don't think they are snooty at all but look "cottagey" to me. I enjoyed seeing your beauties and know you will enjoy for years to come.

Dutchy said...

Do I really have to tell you I just LOVE the pink one??

So pretty, and the others too, but esp. the pink one :)

Love ya Jenny-girl.

Anonymous said...

Those are VERY pretty! Good for you for taking the plunge! :) My fave is also the pink one. :)